#WWE: Triple H 9th Theme - My Time (HQ + WWE Edit + Arena Effects)

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    My Time by The DX Band.
    Album: WWE: The Music, Vol.


    [Download Links]
    Arena Effects: https://goo.gl/xtfR7Y
    Arena Effects Exit: https://goo.gl/DRZ6A6
    Normal: https://goo.gl/3TEKae
    Normal Exit: https://goo.gl/oWv7Cu
    (Cover Included)

    Song Length: 3:26
    Bit Rate: 320 kbps
    Used: June 27th, 1999-December 10th, 2000

    Name: Paul Michael Levesque
    Ring Name: Triple H

    Theme Count:
    1st: Blue Blood
    2nd: Ode to Joy (WWE Edit)
    3rd: Break it Down
    4th: Break it Down (WWE Edit)
    5th: No Chance in Hell (WWE Edit)
    6th: (Corporation Heel Theme)
    7th: Higher Brain Pattern
    8th: Higher Brain Pattern (2nd Version)
    9th: My Time (WWE Edit)
    10th: The Game (Instrumental)
    11th: The Game (Instrumental) (2nd Version)
    12th: The Game (WWE Edit)
    13th: King of Kings
    14th: Break it Down (3rd Version)
    15th: Break it Down (4th Version)

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